Beliefs – Who are the Mennonites

Mennonites trace their origins to the 1525 Anabaptist movement in Europe. The movement came to be part of what is now called the Radical Reformation movement. The name “Mennonite” comes from the early leader Menno Simmons who was highly influential in the early years of the movement both through his teaching and his writing. 

Some distinctive features of Mennonite faith are an emphasis on interpreting all Scripture through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, non-violent resistance, belief in baptism, and a congregational understanding of power. The focus on congregational empowerment means each Mennonite church is unique in how it teaches and lives out Anabaptist beliefs. Mennonites are traditionally a confessional faith with the current Confession of Faith listed on the MCUSA website. A focus on non-violent resistance leads many Mennonites to advocate for peace between nations and a decrease in the funding of militaries.

West Union is currently part of Mennonite Church USA which was born out of the merging of the Mennonite Church and General Conference Mennonite Church in 2002. West Union has been in Parnell for over 100 years and we consider ourselves blessed to be part of this community.