they stood around her
she was caught in her wrongness
they knew she was wrong
she didn’t even try to defend herself

they knew they were right
so very right
They. Were. Right.

so it was ok – the punishment they were
to give – it was OK
because she was wrong – and they were
righty right right!
wrongy wrong wrong!

a line drawn in the sand around her
keeping her inside her wrongness
and them outside of that
never could she move
the circle held her in her wrong
and it held them in their righty rightness

and then He messed it up
He appeared and crossed the line
He stepped inside the circle
He stepped inside with her
with her wrongness
with her sin
He stepped inside with her
how could He do that

they were right – it was clear
they. were. righty right right.
but He stepped across the line

the whole world paused
it stopped spinning
time froze

He stepped across the line and all hell broke
loose – or all heaven

it wasn’t clear anymore
it was…it was – what was it
if they weren’t right…what were they

what am i
if i am not right…then what
He crossed the line

i dropped my stone
but i still feel the indentations in my hand
the edges reminding me of my side of the line

i want them to fade
i want them to stay
i dropped my stone
i was outside the circle looking in
i was inside the circle looking out

and He was standing in the middle
in the middle of heaven and hell
He stood
and time froze

and we both were saved

This poem was written when I realized that my actions proving myself to be right were making me incredibly wrong. I still wear the scars of the rock I clutched so tightly. ~ Beth Swantz